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Trap queen

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

When we play carrom, it is more of a chess game and less carrom. It's less about winning and more about making it frustrating for the opponents to win. We form schemes and rocket science just to ruin the opponent's plan. The carrom we play is not at all gentleman's game, we do not sledge, we roast each other, and we laugh out of our ass when we spoil the easy-looking game for opponents. We coined some beautiful phrases that I thought I would share here.

Monkey business (my favorite); deliberate effort to block pockets with your pieces so it becomes frustrating for opponents to pocket theirs.

Trap queen: Ironically, the queen is the least sought piece when we play carrom. In fact, we often set queen close to the pocket to seduce opponents for an easy finish.

Kiss her ass while you're at it; a shot played in which you aim piece at pocket, however; you ensure

it touches the other piece(s) as well. Essentially, it frees the pieces you cannot pocket easily.

Spread it out; hit the striker so hard that it frees all the pieces

Got your own carrom phrases? Shoot in the comments.

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