Colors TV - Bigg Boss 13

Social Intelligence – audience profiling, content trends, and monetization opportunities


Social Media Analytics Lead

Key Challenge (s)

With its huge popularity on social media, Colors TV, the owner & organizer of Bigg Boss TV show, wanted to understand: 

  • What's their audience looks like on social media?

  • How do audiences respond to BB13 related content? 

  • How much is media ROI delivery to show sponsors through BB13 official social media channels?


Audience profiling: identified & categorized audiences based on demographics, interests, occupations, and the type of content they interact with

Trend Analysis: monitored the show on social media to discover trends within Bigg Boss owned and earned content

Valuation: applied brand exposure QI method on social content to evaluate the monetary value of brand integrations


  • Colors TV used our social intelligence to report the ROI delivery to its sponsors

  • Based on our audience intelligence, they optimized its branded and non-branded campaigns that amplified engagement and reach

  • Key findings on content trends were used for further monetization opportunities


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