Influencing Digital Intelligence-driven Decisions

Web, Social, App Analytics 📊


Hello, I am Atul

...and I employ digital intelligence to influence business owners to make informed decisions. During my last stint at Nielsen, I worked closely with the leading sports & entertainment organizations primarily to assist them with monetizing their digital content assets and increase their sponsorship revenue.


Key Areas of Expertise


Data-driven Consulting

Assisted sports franchise owners to develop a commercial digital marketing playbook - An action-plan on

  • Passionate fanbase growth & engagement strategy

  • Athlete representation as social media influencers

  • Sponsor integration and engagement

  • Establishing engaging content stories

  • Approach and implementation of digital assets for monetization opportunities


Social Media Listening / Research

Monitored and researched 100s of topics around sports, TV shows, music, esports, etc. to provide actionable intelligence around:

  • Sports sponsorship performance

  • Sports digital landscape

  • TV/digital Campaign effectiveness

  • Brand ambassador selection & evaluation

  • Product category insights


Audience Profiling

Applied social listening data to provide a comprehensive real-time view into different segments of sports fans:

  • Media consumption 

  • Topics being discussed

  • Content stories liked 


Branded Content Optimizations

Applied a mix of social media listening and AI-powered media tracking tools to:

  • Evaluate digital media ROI (equivalent to media spends) on branded content

  • Consulted sports franchises and sponsors on best approaches of branded content with sports properties on digital platforms


Ritin Singh, Director Consulting Services at Nielsen

He has a consultative approach to address the client’s objectives & challenges and has delivered projects across the Indian Sports & Entertainment landscape, showcasing his analytical thinking